From: Douglas Little <>
Date: Fri, 5 Sep 1997 08:14:08 -0400


Dave at Titan is having REAL problems getting MetaDOS to work on the
AB with a CD-writer (although the problem occurs when reading CDs
normally as opposed to writing them).

I would look into the problem myself, but I don't have a CD rom on my
Falcon so there isn't a lot I can do except talk on the phone a lot while
he tries various things out (yawn).

The problem is NOT data cache related, as it produces errors with both
CPU caches disabled. I have a feeling it's due to FastRAM. The errors
look very much like DMA errors, although the do NOT occur with the TK
driver not present. TREE_CHK shows about 60% unequal files which
becomes 0% unequal files with the TK driver removed. The errors arise
at both 32MHz and 40MHz - but only on the CD writer. No errors are found
on any other SCSI device attached.

He is running MetaDOS before TKROMDRV (which is wrong), but he also
says it will not work at any other position in the auto folder. I find this
to believe as I know others are using MetaDOS on AB without these

I have a feeling that MetaDOS is missing the _FRB cookie because it
is installed before the TK driver which creates the cookie. This would
mean MetaDOS doesn't buffer it's fastram reads & writes and that would
cause errors of various kinds.

Does anyone know the correct running order for MetaDOS, and which
version is best for use on AB? Getting this sorted today would be very
helpful as it would mean the machine can be completed for the weekend.

Any information is welcome (except obvious thing like 'it works on my
system' and 'have you tried turning the caches off'). :)

Thanks in advance,

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