Re: MetaDOS

From: Jo Even Skarstein <>
Date: Fri, 5 Sep 1997 17:06:18 +0200

On Fri, 5 Sep 1997, Douglas Little wrote:

> Does anyone know the correct running order for MetaDOS, and which
> version is best for use on AB? Getting this sorted today would be very
> helpful as it would mean the machine can be completed for the weekend.

OK, here's my setup:

        TKROMDRV.PRG Both caches turned on
        PC_TAST.PRG Norwegian keymap
        FFSEL.PRG Freedom 1.15
        NVDI.PRG 4.11
        TOGGLE_B.PRG Turn off drive B
        DRVIN.PRG HS-Modem 7
        MINT1126.PRG 1.12.6

I'm currently using Julian Reschke's SPIN.XFS and the MetaDOS-version
(MetaXBS) in this package. The BOS-driver is an IDE-driver from
CD-Tools. I've also used the original MetaDOS from CD-Tools, and it
worked perfectly.

I don't have any problems at all with the current setup, perhaps
because I'm using IDE...

Btw. my Falcon is now permanently hooked up to the internet via a
115k2 ppp-line, if you can 'ping', please try
visiting my Falcon's homepage (purely experimental!) at...

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