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Date: 12 Sep 1997 09:41:09 Z

     Yesterday I managed to run the 030 processor while the AB was still
     present! So far, a switch needs two 74-chips. With such a switch
     you'll get a simple select-line. This line can be connected to a
     turbo-switch or maybe a free port somewhere on the falcon... Imagine
     software controlled 040/030-switch! 100% software compatibility!!!
     As soon as I'm finished, I'll post a guide on this list...
     I talked to Jo-Even yesterday and we talked about the possibility to
     let the 040 controll the 030 by disable the 030 when the 040 uses the
     ST-bus, and enable it again when it don't. The 040 can compute using
     the fast-ram, and the 030 can use the st-ram. This can be _VERY_ hard,
     even impossible, to do, but it would be cool! If it's possible to make
     the 030-boot with some other code than the rom, then we could control
     the 030 100%. This would have been sooooooo cool!
     If any of you have any views on this, please tell us!
     Best regards
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