Re[2]: GREAT NEWS! ! ! !

From: Douglas Little <>
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 1997 14:52:15 -0400


> The biggest problem is that we need to initialise both processors,
> which actually means two boots! If we could control the 030's reset
> signal and control the address from which it boots, then it all would

> be much easier. But we'll see what I can do...

You would need to alter the rom in such a way that it would cause the
68030 to detour into a special part of the OS which contains only code
for running subroutines - a bit like the DSP XBios calls. That way, the
040 gets TOS & GEM, but the 030 gets some kind of basic assembler
event loop that does nothing but wait for new tasks. Use it for some
parallel processing and graphics calculations or something like that.

It's an idea, but it won't work unless the same ROM code will send
different processors in different directions very early in the boot code.

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