AVI/MOV players

From: Simon Yardley <si_at_zetnet.co.uk>
Date: Sun, 14 Sep 1997 16:42:40 +0100

Hi guys,

Just an update on the ANI-Player ...
I got a new version from Didier MEQUIGNON a few weeks ago.
With Nemesis it plays virtually all AVI's at full screen, colour and at
the right speed.
There are a few codec's missing namely the IV32 one which costs £5,000
from intel, but that has just been successfully implemented !! The IV32
version is to be released next week or so.
The last version is on my web pages below.

Also Denis Huguet who programmed AVI030.TTP has incorporated IV32 and
Guillaume Tello of M_PLAYER fame look set to update his player too ...

Bye for now,


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