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Date: 16 Sep 1997 12:38:35 Z

     Hi Guys!
     I tried to make a switch, but somehow it failed! The logic worked
     prefectly, but failed when I connected it to the Falcon. Without an
     osciloscope it's hard to find out what's wrong...
     I'll order some faster chips for the switch to see if it'll help.
     I've also been thinking of making a General Midi-"interface" for my
     Falcon. It shouldn't be that hard considering we allready have the
     MIDI chips;) And we who are fortunate enough to have a tower, can
     easily make room for such a card inside.
     Wouldn't it be nice to use GM-cards as a standard for the music on the
     Bad-Mood project?
     If anyone of you is interested in having some more fun with your
     Falcon, you could consider looking into the I2C bus... All this bus
     needs is a bi-directional serial-line (one single port) and a
     clock-line. The clock line has a upper limit of 100kHz (or 400kHz), so
     it's possible to transfer up to 100kBit/s (or 400kBit/s). You can use a
     lower clock signal if you wish...
     There is a plethora of accessories for this bus: calendar-chips,
     rom-chips, ram-chips, text-tv-decoders (or whatever it's called in
     english), radios, smart-card readers, RS232-interfaces,
     PC-keyboard-interfaces, and much more.
     You might check out the Phillips-semiconductors homepage...
     Best regards
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Subject: GREAT NEWS! ! ! !
at CCX400
Date: 15.09.97 09:23
> Yesterday I managed to run the 030 processor while the AB was still
> present! So far, a switch needs two 74-chips. With such a switch
> you'll get a simple select-line. This line can be connected to a
> turbo-switch or maybe a free port somewhere on the falcon... Imagine
> software controlled 040/030-switch! 100% software compatibility!!!
> As soon as I'm finished, I'll post a guide on this list...
Well done! I gave up on it after about 4 chips. I couldn't work out what
was stopping the 030 from working with the card present...
> I talked to Jo-Even yesterday and we talked about the possibility to
> let the 040 controll the 030 by disable the 030 when the 040 uses the
> ST-bus, and enable it again when it don't. The 040 can compute using
> the fast-ram, and the 030 can use the st-ram. This can be _VERY_
> even impossible, to do, but it would be cool! If it's possible to
> the 030-boot with some other code than the rom, then we could control
> the 030 100%. This would have been sooooooo cool!
> If any of you have any views on this, please tell us!
You are of course completely insane, but I like it.
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