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From: Richard Elwell <>
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 1997 09:54:09 +0100

> Subject: (Fwd) Monitros (was: Concealed) -REPONSE
> well, does it means that it will be better to get a multisync monitor !?

No. A good VGA monitor should be OK for everything you want. It is
just that my particular monitor is capable of lower frequencies than

> ( a non multisync doesn't allow low st resolution ? )
No... or is that yes. A non multi sync will allow ST-low
resolution. If you are plugged into a VGA monitor and choose ST-low
res then you will get 60Hz ST-low res.

> with a such monitor, how is the interlacing mode ?? (nice :-) )

To get really high resolutions the Falcon needs to resort to low
frequencies, because it doesn't have hardware capable of better. The
flickering can be quite annoying. But Calamus running at very high
res eg. 1200x1024x2 (or was it 1600x1200x2 I forget) and the
brightness on the monitor turned down it was OK to use for a while.
Maximum zoom on a large curved line on a vector font at such
resolutions looks so good, really smooth.

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