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From: Magnus Kollberg <>
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 97 11:31:12 +0200

> > well, does it means that it will be better to get a multisync monitor !?
> No. A good VGA monitor should be OK for everything you want. It is
> just that my particular monitor is capable of lower frequencies than
> many.

I think MultiSync is the way to go as it's more flexible than a VGA monitor.
It can display higher resolutions. All new montiors are multisync in one
way or another.
> > ( a non multisync doesn't allow low st resolution ? )
> No... or is that yes. A non multi sync will allow ST-low
> resolution. If you are plugged into a VGA monitor and choose ST-low
> res then you will get 60Hz ST-low res.

Ofcourse can you still use ST-Low, but it will not be the same as ST-Low
on a TV/RGB as it's a higher horizontal frequens so the memory bandwidtth
gets a bit lower and most demos will not work and some badly written games.
> > with a such monitor, how is the interlacing mode ?? (nice :-) )
> To get really high resolutions the Falcon needs to resort to low
> frequencies, because it doesn't have hardware capable of better. The
> flickering can be quite annoying. But Calamus running at very high
> res eg. 1200x1024x2 (or was it 1600x1200x2 I forget) and the
> brightness on the monitor turned down it was OK to use for a while.
> Maximum zoom on a large curved line on a vector font at such
> resolutions looks so good, really smooth.

I havn't tried interlace and if you doesn't want to have very high
resolutions you wont need it. On a regular falcon you can get something
like 800x560 in both 16 and 256 colours without any additional hardware.
With BlowUp or ScreenBlaster you can get higher resolutions. 800x600 is
about what is usable on a 14-15 inch monitor.

The "problem" is in TC modes which doesn't reach as high on a VGA as on
a TV/RGB if you doesn't add an accelerator like the Nemesis. :-(

//Magnus Kollberg
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