Re: PAL/NTSC question

From: Magnus Kollberg <>
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 97 09:19:37 +0200

> P.S. I'm working on building my saving account backup after the A/B-NOVA purchase and
> was wondering if a estimated release date for Apex Alpha has been anounced?

Well I could buy the Nova from you if you like. What about $100? ;-)

Seriously I think Apex Alpha is delayed a fair bit of time now when Doug has found him
self a job and plays around all day with 3D. :-))) If I say that it's delayed
for a infinite time maybe Doug will pop up and correct me? Doug? It would be
nice to know when it's expected to arrive as well as Apex Audio. Titan has
advertised them both for some time now....

//Magnus Kollberg
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