Re: RAM jumpers

From: Oliver Skelton <>
Date: Sun, 21 Sep 97 02:55 BST-1

In-Reply-To: <>

Thanks Doug and Mike... I fitted the second 16mB simm and it worked
without any jumpers changed.

Perhaps the jumpers are important for changing the addresses of the simms
and avoiding a gap in memory? If that is the case then I guess then Doug's
toolkit is solving the same problem in software.

Imagecopy is now able to open a photocd image at each resolution!

When I next GEMAR I guess it won't matter too much if my drive can stream
with the ab040 or not. (Does anyone know what you have to do to read tar
files with Gemar? I thought it could do it native but saw a post somewhere
which seems to indicate I need some kind of third party add on).

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