Speed of RAM - second simm possibly slower?

From: Oliver Skelton <oskelton_at_cix.compulink.co.uk>
Date: Sun, 21 Sep 97 23:47 BST-1

Hi Burners,

One thing I should mention... when loading pictures into Imagecopy the %
indicator usually seems pretty linear... but loading the PhotoCD image in
max resolution goes fairly quickly to about 75% and then much slower
(perhaps increasingly so). This may be just Imagecopy.. though I don't see
why the loading time shouldn't be linear.

Now Imagecopy tells me the image is about 18mB, so I was wondering if this
slow down is occuring after filling the first SIMM and starting on the
second (there is about 2mB of fast RAM occupied before I start loading
the image). Is some address redirection going on here which could be
slowing things down?

Any views on this?

While I'm here:
Also playing with Extendos and AB040. I have V2.4a and Tosh XM3501B 4x
I have put EXTENDOS.PRG after HDDRIVER and before BCACHE40.PRG

CDAUDIO works ok except when I try recording (error -2 and others?).
The Desktop seems able to open data CDs, Maybe some scrambling of other
partition contents... but that maybe a one off or fixed by telling
HDDRIVER to ignore the ID number of the CDROM.
Should I set any fast ram flags on CDAUDIO, EXTENDOS, UNIDRIVE.BOS or

I'm also wondering in passing why I haven't allowed HDDRIVERs XFRB
parameter... is that a good idea?

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