Re: Re[2]: NOVA cards

From: Magnus Kollberg <>
Date: Thu, 25 Sep 97 10:14:17 +0200


> Gem-games should work, shouldn't they? Why not make more gem-games?

Ofcourse will GEM games work. I think Doug said that Bad Mood was fixed to
work on the Nova card as well? Doug?

The only thing you can't use is vbl interrupt I guess, or? But you don't
always need that either, do you?

It would be realy nice too see some gem games as well. Games like simcity,
Popoulus etc. could very well be done in GEM and I would actully think
they would be much better if they were made in GEM. AS long as it's not
a shotemup game I see no reason to make them use GEM.

> Most atari machines can run gem-games at a reasonable speed.

Yes. I have done one, or alteast started on one. A GEM pacman clone.
You can download it at my website if you wants to see it. It's made in
C and doesn't use any tricks at all. I had actually to speed it down
or it would have been way to fast if I didn't. This is on my AB040
ofcourse. You can even play with a joypad. :-)

> Regarding the turbo switch, it might take some time for me to make a
> web-page explaining how to make such a switch. I also need a new
> web-provider as my old pages will most likely dissapear the 1.
> october. Maybe Jo Even could loan me some space on his account? (Som
> vi snakket om, Jo Even;) )

Why not just post the shematics for the circuit here as a GIF picture?
I could put it on my page as well. Actaully I would like to do it so
that I can have lots of AB040 tips on my page. If someone wants to
write a FAQ (or just contribute) I would like to put that up as well.
I have thought of doing it for a while now but I have never got the time.

//Magnus Kollberg
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