Re: Re[2]: NOVA cards

From: Magnus Kollberg <>
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 97 08:50:47 +0200


> > I guess there is no way to patch some games to run in a GEM window,
> > like Popoulus?
> You could patch BM to run in a GEM window if you could be bothered
> with writing the window code. I was going to do it a while back, but it's
> not like many people run their desktop in TC mode anyway. :)

You never know. ;-)

Would it be alot of work to get it into the window? Someone who would
like to try it? It would be funny to see it running in 1024*768*65536
on a Nova card. ;-)

I guess the keyboard handling would fail though, and what about
changing application under MagiC or MultiTOS? I guess it wouldn't
work very well. :-\

Just a pause button and the ability to switch back to the desktop
would be nice, something like Apex 2 does and then resume.

//Magnus Kollberg
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