NOVA's and v-consoles, games etc.

From: Jo Even Skarstein <>
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 1997 16:05:34 +0200


I've been thinking of a solution for using the Videl and the
graphics-card on the same monitor. We need a device that switch
automatically between the output from the Videl and graphics-card,
depending on the signal from the Videl.

The Videl should have highest priority, so as long as there's a sync
present from the Videl the signals from the Videl are routed to the
monitor. When the sync disappears the signals from the graphics-card
are selected.

This solution should work with virtual consoles, games, demos etc, and
we will get a display before the Nova-drivers are loaded. Switching
between Videl- and graphics-card resolution (for GEM) would also be
very simple.

I have a vision of a rather simple device with a relay for the analog
lines (RGB) and perhaps some 7404's for the digital ones. Are there
any NOVA-owners with a soldering-iron out there?

** Jo Even Skarstein
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