Re: Re[2]: NOVA cards

From: Douglas Little <>
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 1997 15:28:21 -0400

> That's why we have the VBL-list :-) As long as the Nova-drivers
> supports the VBL-list all cleanly written programs should work fine.
> I guess that just hooking into the original VBL-vector won't work very
> well.

There is absolutely no assured connection between the VBL list
interrupt rate and the refresh rate of the Nova card. It is more than
likely that the VBL will continue to interrupt at the rate of the normal
Falcon monitor (Videl) since that's where it gets it's trigger signal.

The Nova will be running at 70 or 80Hz, and the VBL will be totally
unsynchronized at 50 or 60Hz. Even if they were both using the
same Hz rate, they would not be synced up - defeating the whole
purpose of the VBL (to indicate a frame has just completed and
a new one has begun).

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