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From: Jo Even Skarstein <>
Date: Sun, 28 Sep 1997 16:28:04 +0200

On Fri, 26 Sep 1997, Douglas Little wrote:

> > Exactly! This is what I really want of most games, and it shouldn't
> > be too hard either.
> I think maybe some gameplay would be a much better 'next step'.

Gameplay would be nice as well :-)

> On the other hand, it's mainly designed for quick-but-limited 3D
> games that don't try to do too many calculations at once (the CPU
> is quite quick, but the lack of an FPU and sluggish ram make it
> crap for many of the more ambitious 3D algorithms). It's wise to

Yes, I've noticed that the 3D is far from perfect from time to time.
But considering the price I think it's very good. A PC costs ten times
as much as a PSX, but it's not ten times better :-)

> > And unlike most PC-games, those PSX-games are quite playable too.
> They do seem to be better balanced for gameplay than a lot of the
> recent 3D titles for the PC. Probably because most of the programming
> effort is put into the game design, rather than the 3D stuff.

Exactly. 'Tomb Raider II' on a hairy PC looks very good, but who cares
as long as the game is incredible boring? Gameplay is what matters,
and the PSX scores high here. It also has some other advantages over
PC's (it's fairly compact, you can hook it up to a really big TV, it
costs about 1/10th of a PC and it doesn't need Windows :-).

I don't have a PC anyway (and will probably never buy one either) so
the PSX is the perfect choice.

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