Re: NOVA cards

From: Michael Grove <>
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 1997 06:34:49 -0700 (PDT)

>> > > Don't you know if it's possible to buy later just the 2 MB ET4000 card
>> > > itself? And if so, for how much?
>> [...]
>> > seen cards for 20 DM as well. They _must_ be ATI Mach64 cards though to work
>> > with the Nova interface. The best solutions would be to buy the cheapest Nova
>> Are you sure? Isn't the Nova-interface just a ISA-adapter? The
>> Nova-drivers needs a Mach64-card though.
>I guess you are right, but getting NVDI ET4000 (which I guess you need if you want
>to use a ET4000 card) costs both an arm and a leg, so you better stay with the Nova VDI.
>I don't think ET4000 cards are any better than Mach64 cards either.
>BTW. Does anyone know if there is a version of NVDI for Mach64 as well? I guess tte
>Hades uses NVDI and I have seen it using Mach64 cards so there must be, or is there
>only Nova VDI for Mach64?.
>//Magnus Kollberg

The NOVA ATI drivers cost an arm and leg over here in the U.S. too.
That's even if you can get someone to sell them. Both Computer Direct
and HOMA HOUSE are not very interested in selling anything less than
the complete package. Getting updates is next to impossible too.

NVDI can be used with the NOVA ATI drivers, but only the font
handeling is used, unlike the ET4000 drivers, which provide VDI
interface as well as the font system. There is no "special" NVDI
version just for the Mach 64. Sorry for not being so technical.

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