Re: NOVA cards

From: Magnus Kollberg <>
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 97 15:16:51 +0200

> > > Don't you know if it's possible to buy later just the 2 MB ET4000 card
> > > itself? And if so, for how much?
> [...]
> > seen cards for 20 DM as well. They _must_ be ATI Mach64 cards though to work
> > with the Nova interface. The best solutions would be to buy the cheapest Nova
> Are you sure? Isn't the Nova-interface just a ISA-adapter? The
> Nova-drivers needs a Mach64-card though.

I guess you are right, but getting NVDI ET4000 (which I guess you need if you want
to use a ET4000 card) costs both an arm and a leg, so you better stay with the Nova VDI.
I don't think ET4000 cards are any better than Mach64 cards either.

BTW. Does anyone know if there is a version of NVDI for Mach64 as well? I guess tte
Hades uses NVDI and I have seen it using Mach64 cards so there must be, or is there
only Nova VDI for Mach64?.

//Magnus Kollberg
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