Re: NOVA cards

From: Jo Even Skarstein <>
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 1997 15:35:56 +0200

On Mon, 29 Sep 1997, Magnus Kollberg wrote:

> > Are you sure? Isn't the Nova-interface just a ISA-adapter? The
> > Nova-drivers needs a Mach64-card though.
> I guess you are right, but getting NVDI ET4000 (which I guess you need if you want
> to use a ET4000 card) costs both an arm and a leg, so you better stay with the Nova VDI.

NVDI ET4000 costs a little bit more than NVDI, and I don't think the
upgrade from NVDI is that much.

Btw. I have already bought NVDI ET4000 for my MegaST, but as it looks
like Woller und Link has ripped me off (they took my money but never
sent me the Multiboard I ordered...) I might as well sell it to
someone who can actually use it. Anybody interested?

> I don't think ET4000 cards are any better than Mach64 cards either.

Perhaps not, but I trust NVDI more than the NOVA-drivers (not that
I've ever tried them though :-), but ET4000-cards are still easy to
get hold of, atleast a lot more easier than Mach-cards. You can buy a
2Mb ET4000-card for as little as NOK100 (~DEM20).

> BTW. Does anyone know if there is a version of NVDI for Mach64 as well? I guess tte
> Hades uses NVDI and I have seen it using Mach64 cards so there must be, or is there
> only Nova VDI for Mach64?.

NVDI ET4000 is really nothing more than standard NVDI with some ET4000
SYS-files included. I've installed it on my Falcon, and it works
perfectly although I don't have a graphics-card (yet). I guess they've
just written a Mach SYS-file for the Hades.

Btw. if it was possible to get hold of the format of the SYS-files, it
should be possible to write 040-optimised drivers for the VIDEL as
well as any graphics-card. Does anybody know if this information is
publicly available?

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