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From: Magnus Kollberg <>
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 97 11:47:15 +0200


> I'd like to buy a NOVA card for myself this weekend in Neuss, Germany. But
> I haven't enough money for 2 MB version (800 DM) so I'll most probably get
> just 1 MB DRAM. I wonder if there are some second hand ET4000 video cards
> available - e.g. if somebody has upgraded from 2 MB DRAM to VRAM...

It's no ET4000 cards in the Nova. They use regular ATI Mach64 ISA cards.
> Don't you know if it's possible to buy later just the 2 MB ET4000 card
> itself? And if so, for how much?

You should be able to do that. There are Nova cards with ATI Mach64 1MB DRAM,
2MB DRAM, 2MB VRAM and 4MB VRAM. Any of those should do. A 2MB DRAM card costs
about 45DM in sweden if you can get a used one. You can ofcourse get them both
cheaper and more expensive, but old ISA cards are usually very cheap. I have
seen cards for 20 DM as well. They _must_ be ATI Mach64 cards though to work
with the Nova interface. The best solutions would be to buy the cheapest Nova
card and try to get hold of a used better ATI card. Preferably one with VRAM but
they seem to be harder to get hold of.

There might be difficult to get a Nova card these days as well, as the
ATI ISA cards are not available new from anywhere. That is why they are so
expensive as well.

BTW. If you are going to Neuss, can you look out for the Milan 2000? They
are going to have a developer konferance as well. You must tell them that
you are interrested before you get there though to be sure to get a seat.

I'm especially interrested if it will be possible to upgrade to a 060
later one and about the planned Falcon IO board with DSP and soundsystem.

Take a look at:

//Magnus Kollberg
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