My Falcon died...

From: Jo Even Skarstein <>
Date: Wed, 1 Oct 1997 11:11:12 +0200

...but luckily I managed to wake it up again. (Phew!) I was just
reading mail when I heard some disturbing noises from the Falcon and
everything went black/dead. I switched it off and on again, still
dead. Panic!

A few hours later I removed the cover and had a look inside.
Everything looked fine, but just to be sure I unplugged and plugged
again some cables. Switched the Falcon on, and it worked.

Because of the crackling noises when it died I immedielately suspected
the PSU, but it's nothing wrong with it. But last night I experienced
something similar again; crackling noises. But the Falcon didn't die!
The keyboard and mouse went bananas, and the crackling noises came
from the speaker! So there's definelately something wrong with my

One possibility is that the 32MHz oscillator in the Falcon is bad,
which might explain the total blackness I experienced yesterday. My
theory is that it "died" yesterday, but started to work again with the
difference that it's now not entirely stable. If this is the case the
keyboard-ACIA will not get a proper clock and the symptoms I described
above (mad keyboard/mouse) will appear.

Does this make sense? When I get the time I'll replace the 48MHz-clock
on the Nemesis with a 36MHz (Still doesn't work properly in 40MHz) and
install a 500KHz-clock (actually a 32MHz oscillator + ripplecounter) I
used with my old speeder and see if things improves.

** Jo Even Skarstein
** beer - maria mckee - atari falcon - babylon 5
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