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Date: 06 Oct 1997 11:02:39 Z

     Hi Mike!
     You're encountering exactly the same things as I did with the
     Nemesis/AB combination! I now use the AB together with the Speed
     Resolution Card instead and it seems to work ok in 36MHz. 40 is a bit
     too unstable as it crashes after 5-10 minutes, but it's still better
     than with the Nemesis. I've made a software controlled switch for the
     Speed Resolution Card, so now I can change speed at any time. With the
     SRC I also get much more flexible resolutions (stepless clock to the
     videl 23->75MHz). The really high HiColor-resolutions are missing but
     I can get good 256-colour resolutions much easier. I also have much
     more different resolutions available...
     The occasional black screen can be caused by the fact that the machine
     actually boots with 1/4 of the system clock, so 8MHz might be too slow
     for the 040 (and therefore lead to occasional black screens). I had
     this problem with Nemesis, but now I always boots in 36MHz so the bus
     and the CPU boots in 9MHz (before it goes to 18MHz) and I haven't had
     any problems like that.
     I don't remember any problems changing video mode, but I tend to
     forget stuff easily;)
     I must admit that I'm a bit dissapointed as things didn't work out as
     it should with the Nemesis and the AB! I've tried my AB with two
     different Falcons, but I can't get it stable at 40! Nemesis ALLWAYS
     crashes when I try to change to 40, and the SRC crashes after a while.
     I think I might have gotten a "bad" AB-card (afterall it look a _bit_
     too handmade!)
     Try changing the 40MHz clock with a 36MHz clock. It's not what you
     wanted, but it's still better than 32MHz...
     Good luck!
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Subject: Got my MK-X, but...
at CCX400
Date: 1997-10-06 09:40
Hi all,
  Got my MK-X/AB040/Nemesis, and, well, things are still not so good.
Some of you may recall my SCSI problems that caused me to send it
back last spring. Well, now things are, well, different:
 - Cannot get the Nememsis into High mode (from examination via the acc)
 - Cannot change video mode with Nemesis on. Causes a crash
 - Occassional "black screen" when turned on (no drive activity, but the
    power light is on).
 - Putting Nemesis hi or low into the auto folder causes a crash
 - Setting the preferences for Nemesis low in the configuration
    software does nothing
On the good side, the SCSI problem seems to be fixed. I backed up/
verified 100 MB to SCSI tape.
Needless to say, after waiting a YEAR for this thing, I'm about ready
to chuck it in. All I wanted was something to replace my Mega, which,
so far, this cannot do due to reliability problems.
Or maybe I need to take a break.
Mike White (
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