Re: BSS Upgrades & German Fair info

From: Magnus Kollberg <>
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 97 09:55:09 +0200


> Magnus talked about the latest version of Apex Media. I was wondering
> if you had your disk upgraded through Titan? I also have a BSS Debug
> disk I purchased over a year ago, but I need too the upgrade
> that will run on the 040. Time to ship overseas again? :(. I just got
> the, ahem, "latest" version when my Afterburner arrived a few months
> ago.

I think Doug can arrange something for you regarding Apex and BSS Debug.
> A friend that went to the latest German Atari Fair had some
> interesting information. I guess that MagiC 5 is now running on the

Yes I heard. Sppeeeeeewdddy as well I heard. I did also see something
about Hades/StartTrack/MagiC which souneded like it was quiet Falcon
compatible. Apparently they used the MMU to map the DSP registers to
be at the same address as on the Falcon making it quite compatible. Also
MagiC supports all XBIOS DSP functions making it very compatible as well.
I don't know how "very" is defined here though. Then there is that rather
big problem with the price... :-\

> David Encil was demo-ing Apex Alpha and selling Nemesis at the

So what happens to Apex Alpha and what happened with Apex Audio??

> Fair. NVDI 5 is soon to be released. CAB 2.5D (is the "D" a version # or
> designate German version?) was available.

I think CAB 2.5D is the german version. What is new in NVDI 5?

> I-Connect 1.1 was available

?? Do you mean PPP-Connect or is it the rumored TCP/IP thingy from Oregon

I did also read that ASH is working on a complete internet suite including
email, news and ftp clients. Sounds nice as ASH usually makes great apps,
but unfortunaly has poor english and even worse swedish support.

> as was Twlite 2.08 (screen saver). The Malin clone was shown in a PC tower
> case. I guess about all it did was boot to a white screen desktop with
> three icons viewable. When it booted, the Malin logo was displayed, but no
> software was able to be demonstrated. The Startrack soundcard was said
> to be pretty awsome.

The Milan sounds interresting and hs got a rather nice price as well. Someone
did also wisper that there will be a 060 version. I think they will get it
running soon. Just booting the Desktop is one step on the way. ;-)
> Uwe also mentioned in C.S.A.ST that it is unlikely that Computer
> Direct will be handeling HD Driver V7. Anyone know what is up with
> that? I haven't seen Chris post in a while........

I have no idea, but it does not sound very good....
> Anyway, except for the BSS products, I'm giving up on purchasing
> English versions. I'm just going to have my friend purchase all new
> versions of the latest ASH products. It's a shame, but between Toad
> screwing up the upgrade process and System Solutions taking their
> time, I feel that learning a little more German won't hurt me and be
> much easier than waiting for my Falcon to turn into an 800XL.

Well usually there isn't any big problems with german software as they
usually uses a resource file which can be translated pretty easy by
your self. Manuals are a different matter..... but hopefully you can
learn how to use the software without it.

//Magnus Kollberg
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