Re: BSS Upgrades & German Fair info

From: Eonic Man <>
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 1997 16:39:31 -0400

> I have asked somebody from MW electronic about a Afterburner 060
> upgrade. There are a 040->060 adapter available and the hardware will
> work. The problem is the TOS that must be patched (at ROM).
> --
> Tschuess


What if The TOS ROM is replaced with a bootable MiNT kernal? This way we can
once and for all move away from single task systems and we can make MiNT the
standard on '030 and greater systems. Just the basic BIOS levels would on the
ROM. MiNTOS and MultiTOS deriviatives can be loaded into RAM off of disk.
Perhaps FENIX will allow '060 support. Just have the basics on ROM to startup
all devices on the system, then have the system continue loading the rest of
the system off of the drive.

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