Re: Programming an 040

From: Magnus Kollberg <>
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 1997 11:39:26 +0200


> > What could the problem be if a program are having problems
> > with the caches on the AB040?
> Self-modifying code perhaps?

I asked and he said that he had nonoe, but he will look trough the code
> > Also, does anyone know of any problems with using the DSP under
> > MagiC? Under TOS it works, but under MagiC the sounds doesn't
> > sound properly.
> Yes, there are definelately some problems. My Falcon locks up the
> first time I try to access the DSP after booting MagiC. After a reboot
> it generally works, but I get occasional lockups. I have no such
> problems with TOS.

I havn't realy noticed any problems before. Most program works as they
should. I guess these problems would only occoure if you use XBIOS
calls? If you access the DSP directly it shouldn't matter, or could it?
> > If you wonder what I'm talking about, it's a GM player with 24
> > channels of sound which plays GM files in a GEM enviorment. Very
> :-)

It is. :-)
> > Any ideas? I would like to help the guy making it to find the
> > problems, so if anyone has any ideas, please tell me.
> The problems with MagiC are probably related to the DSP-handshaking,
> although I'm not sure. I haven't got a clue about any workaround,
> except from patching MagiC.

Hmm.... that's an idea. ;-)

But again, those problems will only occoure if you use XBIOS calls

//Magnus Kollberg
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