How to buy a cheap Nova card

From: Magnus Kollberg <>
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 1997 08:57:23 +0200


Well I have been talking to Gerhard Huber of Computer Insel and they have
no Nova cards left. The do have some Nova adapters left!

So if you want a Nova card you can buy a Nova adapter from them for 200,- DM.
For this price you will get the Nova-VDI and the ISA adapter that you put in
your computer. You will need a tower case as you wont get the external box either.

So what you need is to find a ATI Mach64 ISA card. This is _not_ easy. I have
found 2 and it looks like one might work, but i'm not sure. If you do find
one you will get a very cheap Nova card that is for sure!

So if anyone is interrested contact Gerhard Huber at:

But remember that you must find the graphics card your self and not
all cards work. There are sesveral different models of the ATI Mach64
card. They use different RAMDACs.

Those which should work are:

Chrontel CH8398

         STG1702 (STG1703?)

AT&T AT&T20C408

And probably ATI68880. Mike has got this one but I'm not sure all ATI68880 will
work as I have located a card with this number but it has some other
number which is different.... So it's not as easy as it sound. I know that
Geir has got a ATT20C408 and it works just fine.

BTW. If people would like to open up there boxes and look what RAMDACs
they have and report it to the list we could make a list with working
cards. This would be great.

There might also be another solution and that is to use a ET4000 card
with NVDI ET4000. This is not tested yet but this should work with the
Nova adapter as well.

//Magnus Kollberg
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