Help!!! i've got BIG troubles

From: Tlcp <>
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 1997 11:14:59 +0200

My Falcon just come back from it's
Nemesis installation. The machine was
working fine before it's journey. Now
the machine works in 68030 mode but not
in 68040 mode.
I explain:
Machine is working correctly without
the AB040 fitted. Even Nemesis is work-
ing fine...(exept with blow up !).
But when i fit the AB on the motherbord
and switch to 040, the Falcon doesn't
boot at all (black screen), even if i
try to reset....
I've got the following config:
Falcon motherbord rev D/C
with 14 Mo Ram (no important I guess),
with fast (EDO) 16 Mo Simm
68882 33 Mhz fitted (not imporant to)
Nemesis fitted, actually the inductor
resistor were removed from the buffer
There is a switch 030/040 (in one hand
pin 17 switch betwin pad17 and ground,
in the other hand pin16 switch betwin
pad16 and out)
And of course an AB040....

Where the probleme could come from ?
I already checked the GALs connection,
and the switch 030/040.
I tried to see if something was wrong
on AB, but i don't find anything.
Jumper are properly set.
I even tried to cheg for dirt on ab
card !!!!!

I must also say that my ab was working
fine before Nem installation (except
some DMA garbage, that's why i decided
to install Nem !!!). And now the Falcon
in 030 mode seem to work fine too (need
some more extended tests to be sure, but
 it never failed for the moment)....

So if you have an idea please, tell it
because it's an horrible situation !!!
MARNE Bertand

Was an Afterburner040 user :(

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