Nova graphics card

From: Jo Even Skarstein <>
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 1997 20:37:50 +0200

Hi everybody!

I've just installed a Nova adapter and a 1Mb DRAM Mach64-card. Not the
best card you can get, but way better than anything the Videl can do

Almost everything is a lot faster, even when running in 16bit
colours. E.g. the realtime scrolling in CAB is so smooth you won't
believe it. Scrolling and blitting is really fast (I haven't tried
GEMBench yet), the only thing that can be a little slow (but not
much!) is when VDI shuffles a lot of data to the graphics-card. But
hey! it would have been just as slow on the Videl!

In real life things really fly. I'm now running the card in
800x600x16bit (the highest it can go with only 1Mb), and typing this
in a TosWin-window. It has never been this fast!

All in all this card is incredible value for money, if you have DEM200
to spare send a mail to ComputerInsel and order an adapter right away.
It can be very hard to find a Mach64-card, but if you're a bit patient
it's not a big problem.

My card has costed me less than DEM350 (about 120UKP) and it's worth
every penny. And then some.

** Jo Even Skarstein
** beer - maria mckee - atari falcon - babylon 5
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