Nova Card and Papurys and Cab

From: Frank Naumann <fnaumann_at_csmd.cs.Uni-Magdeburg.DE>
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 1997 19:23:04 +0200

Hallo Geir!

> I recall someone had problems with Cab and nova. Did you find a
> solution? Turning off the AB-cache is not a good solution, and turning
> off the background images is, well, not so good either...

The _only_ safe mode is to use the mode "serialized" of the
Toolkit. Any other mode will crash in some hardware accesses.

> Are there anybody out there with a 14" monitor who would like to send
> me their sta_vdi.bib-file? I haven't found a good 1024x768x16bit
> resolution. All I could get was 49hz, and that's way too bad! So if
> you managed to get such resolution on a 14", please send me a
> bib-file!

Yes, 14" monitors can't display 1024x768 at higher refresh rates. Use
a lower resolution (800x600) or buy a new 17" monitor.

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