Re: HDDRIVER 7 - now what?

From: Mike Grove <>
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 1997 18:39:37 -0700 (PDT)

>OK Looks like HDDRIVER 7.02 is working ok to boot direct.
>Does that mean I can now turn on both caches in the TK? (before all other
>AUTO programs).
>I presume I am also right to continue to run in FASTRAM and without the
>XFRB option.
>Some other info:
>It correctly recognises my Jaz now - instead of assuming it is an
>Some of the HDDRIVER stuff (I forget which but it includes the CPX) took
>the Pure-C mcopy patch.
>Also does the panel think TCACHE is worth installing ontop of HDDRIVER?

Gezzzz. I wait for months to get HD Driver V7 and now your saying that
V7.02 is available? I just went through a weeks worth of nights
trying to get V7 to see my EZ 135s for what they are instead of
Adaptecs. It will boot without a floppy, but I can only use one EZ
drive with V7, and even then I have to leave the cart out when I boot
or it is not readable. Uwe and I sent 15 mails back and fourth trying
to figure this out. This was just last week. Not once did he mention
V7.02. I now have no less than six HD Driver upgrades........All
painstakingly aquired.
Now he post that he will not be dealing with Computer Direct, so I
guess it's back to Germany...... This really sucks.
I begged for weeks for the new NOVA drivers. Finally someone pulled
through. Hell, they were a free upgrade. What was I going to use them
on, my PC? I just upgraded Apex Media, now it's time to send the disk
to England again for an upgrade.
There has got to be a better way to distrubite upgrades and maintain
security. The bird is about as dead as it can get over here. Making
upgrades so damn hard to get isn't helping the remaining users feel
very supported. Yea, I'm pissed. Bitch Bitch, Bitch.....

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