Re: HDDRIVER 7 - now what?

From: Magnus Kollberg <>
Date: Fri, 24 Oct 1997 08:58:11 +0200

> Gezzzz. I wait for months to get HD Driver V7 and now your saying that
> V7.02 is available? I just went through a weeks worth of nights
> trying to get V7 to see my EZ 135s for what they are instead of
> Adaptecs. It will boot without a floppy, but I can only use one EZ
> drive with V7, and even then I have to leave the cart out when I boot
> or it is not readable. Uwe and I sent 15 mails back and fourth trying
> to figure this out. This was just last week. Not once did he mention
> V7.02. I now have no less than six HD Driver upgrades........All
> painstakingly aquired.

Uwe is atleast very helpfull and he did make a special trick for us AB040
owners. Not to bad if you ask me. I live in sweden and it's not much esier
to get the upgrade here. I havn't got mine yet...

> Now he post that he will not be dealing with Computer Direct, so I
> guess it's back to Germany...... This really sucks.

I guess it's Computer Directs fault. Are they still in buisness?

> I begged for weeks for the new NOVA drivers. Finally someone pulled
> through. Hell, they were a free upgrade. What was I going to use them
> on, my PC? I just upgraded Apex Media, now it's time to send the disk
> to England again for an upgrade.


Have you talked to Doug? I'm srue you can get a special arrangemnet with
him if you ask.

> There has got to be a better way to distrubite upgrades and maintain
> security. The bird is about as dead as it can get over here. Making
> upgrades so damn hard to get isn't helping the remaining users feel
> very supported. Yea, I'm pissed. Bitch Bitch, Bitch.....

Well there is one solution. Move to germany in the middle where everything
happens. Somewhere between ASH and Uwe would be a good starting place. :-)))

//Magnus Kollberg
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