My AB040 resurected but is still

From: Tlcp <>
Date: Sat, 25 Oct 1997 11:37:56 +0200

 sick !

Well, the things seem to be better now
but there is still problemes:
Friday night i decided to try a few
things to make my AB working. So I
Fitted the orange Wire of the Nem Buffer
mod... Still not booting !
Bored by this situation, i removed the
orange wire and the inductor resistor
for making the 030 Falcon working pro-
perly ! I booted with 030 made some few
tests: all ok... Then a strange idea
came in my mind: "I must try the AB now!
". So I did !
What was my surprise to see the ATARI
logo on my screen !. So i decided to
stop my computer to fit the Fan on 040
I had removed... Retried to boot:
Still working. But as my ab wasn't work-
ing i did not installed very new (5.07b)
TK driver. So i switched off Falcon and
used PC to copy TK from my CD-R Archive.
Then I Switched on falcon...Black screen
So i tried to performed this again:
Switch the Falcon in 030 mode till the
desktop. then switch off, quickly fit
the AB and switch on computer: It Booted

So now i know how to make the AB work-
ing: I must first making the 030 run
a bit... I remember that Rodolphe Czuba
from CENTek told me that he has an AB
only working when F030 was hot, but i
didn't belive it. Today I do !!!!
I don't know why i must start the 030
first ? But it has maybe something to
do with weird DMA signal I guess ?

So if someone has got solution for me
i'll be the happiest man in the world!!!
If not not, I remember that someone told
 he has made a REAL 030/040 swicth
without needing to remove AB from
mother board... I could be very useful
for me to make this switch because
actually I need to start in 030 mode,
switch off computer, remove jumper,
fit the AB on bus, connect GALs on AB
borad, switch the processors and then
only switch on the computer to see the
AB booting correctly... It's a bit
messy !!!!!

In all the cases I'll try to do what
Doug told me to do (thanks), And tell
you what's going on !!!

Thanks Everybody!

MARNE Bertrand
Is back to Afetrburner ;)

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