HDDRIVER 7.02 and partition info

From: Oliver Skelton <oskelton_at_cix.compulink.co.uk>
Date: Sun, 26 Oct 97 01:14 GMT0

After upgrading from HDDRIVER 6.13 in AUTO folder to auto booting V7.02 I
again see a minor but dangerous JAZ problem.

The good news is that when the Jaz spins down it now correctly spins up
again (as it always used to with ICD). My own experiments with the ICD
SCSI.PRG seemed to indicate that this could be done by sending a 'Stop
unit' scsi command before the 'Start unit' command, though I don't know if
this is what has changed in HDDRIVER.

However, if the drive spins down - when it spins up the partition info for
I is used for partitions J-O. (My IDE is partitions C-F).
(Running the HDDRIVER MEDIACHG.TOS doesn't fix it unless I disable the
AB040 caches first).

I would be interested in any fix for this. (HDDRIVER running with FastRAM
flags set). (I guess I could always go back to AHDI with HDDRIVER in

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