Probleme find but not resolved!

From: Tlcp <>
Date: Sun, 26 Oct 1997 19:21:03 +0100

As Doug told me i have set a 560 Ohms
resistor betwin White wire and pin 5
of ACIA. AB40 boot corrctly BUT:
1) when setting Data cache, the machine
2) The nem seem to be inactive (Nem=acc
always tell the speed is low !)

I have another probleme: when the White
wire is set on ground (Nem off),
the toolkit (v5.07b) doesn't work:
2 or 4 bombs before desktop, even when
it's alone in auto folder.
TK 4.09 works properly !!!

See you..

MARNE bertrand

PS: sorry for the late answer but it was
 hard to find resistors a Sunday !!!

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