Probleme find but not resolved!

From: Douglas Little <>
Date: Sun, 26 Oct 1997 13:47:28 -0500


> As Doug told me i have set a 560 Ohms
> resistor betwin White wire and pin 5
> of ACIA. AB40 boot corrctly BUT:

> 1) when setting Data cache, the machine
> stops

That could be almost anything. What have
you got installed in your auto folder?

> 2) The nem seem to be inactive (Nem=acc
> always tell the speed is low !)

Don't pay any attention to the ACC when you
are not using NEMESIS.PRG and one of the
NEM_??.PRG switches. The ACC just tells
you which switch was last executed. It does
not report the actual speed of the hardware
itself. It only looks in a cookie and reports
the contents.

Also, don't use NEMESIS.PRG or the software
switches when you use the TK 40MHz boot
option. Use the auto programs OR the TK button
but not both at once.

> I have another probleme: when the White
> wire is set on ground (Nem off),
> the toolkit (v5.07b) doesn't work:

I can't help you there. Never seen that happen.

> 2 or 4 bombs before desktop, even when it's
> alone in auto folder.

Are you sure the machine isn't booting at 8MHz
or 10MHz somehow? Make sure SI.CPX is not
installed because it can cause problems like
that and crashes the machine when the desktop
loads. AB does not like half-clocking the CPU
as much as a normal Falcon does.

> TK 4.09 works properly !!!

As I said, I can't explain that. I use TK 5.07 without
any problems at all.

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