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From: Petr Stehlik <>
Date: Sun, 26 Oct 1997 21:26:24 +0100


I am searching for a very kind soul which could help me with the following
problem: I need to get the NOVA interface, but I need it really soon, because
on 8-9th November there will be a Czech&Slovak Atari meeting in Pilsen.
At the meeting there will be a good chance of testing ET4000 and other ISA
video cards as well as a lot of other good possibilities with the NOVA
interface I'll write you about later.

For buying the NOVA interface the ComputerInsel wants my credit card number -
and I have noone :-( I have the money and I can send it by bank transfer
or as a cash in envelope or anything - but I am afraid the CI would not
like that or it will be too slow (it's just 11 days till the meeting).

That's why I would need a help of someone either with credit card or living
in Germany, which would pay the NOVA thing - or would sell me his NOVA now and
order new one at the same time - I don't know. I know it sounds crazy, but
I would really like to bring the NOVA at the meeting...

Thanks for reading this,

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