Blank Screen

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Date: Mon, 27 Oct 97 03:54:00 GMT



Sometimes I get the blank screen bootup but its no real problem. I would
say it happens 20% of the time.

But their maybe another reason why some screens may be running black.

I run CAF and I use the Lan port midi driver Steinberg wrote for the
Falcon which supports most any of the dual (in/out) midi interfaces made
for the Mac (I use a MidiMan MINI Macman). Because this interface draws
power or something else if this device is plugged in at bootup all you'll
get is a blank screen.

Now something interesting happened when I installed my Falcon in my
Wizztronics rack: I turned it on and everything was ok, then I tightened
some screws on the back of the unit, in particular the screw by the Lan
Port. Turn it on and a blank screen, I loosened the that screw and would
you know no blank screen.

So perhaps there may be a grounding problem at the Lan Port.

Hope this helps.


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