My B doesn't work at 20/40 ?

From: Tlcp <>
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 16:59:32 +0100

As doug told me, i have made some few
tests, and i saw that my AB was not
working at 40 Mhz.
I had set a 560 Ohm resistor betwin the
white wire and the pin 5 of IKBD.
Then i made some tests:
AB is working correctly with the old
drivers (ab40 mmu and ab40 fpu and also
fafa16). but i tried to launch NemLO and
 then the falcon crashed: 2 bombs and
following message:
out of internal memory:
use foldr100.prg to get more.

system halted

it does the sam thing with foldr999 in
my autofolder.

I also tried with tk 4.09.
when nemesis is set to 40 Mhz in the
driver, i met the same type of errors.
if i remove Nemesis at 40 option, then
the driver work properly... Note that
often, when i try to boot with tk4.09
and nem at 40, the machine crashes if i
try to set Data cache on.....

Whih TK5.07 (which was not working when
nem was "physicaly" off) it never boot
ram check, bss logo, then crash.
I always made thoses test without anythi
ng else in the auto folder than the driv
ers itselves (driver+6882.prg)

So it appears that my AB do not support
Nem 20/40 Mhz frequency, at boot and

If anyone has the solution !

See you soon

MARNE Bertrand

Maybe an Afterburner user :/

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