HDDRIVER caching of partition info

From: Oliver Skelton <oskelton_at_cix.compulink.co.uk>
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 97 00:56 GMT0

What I find dangerous about the way HDDRIVER 7.02 caches partition info is
as follows:

As I said, partitions J-O appear to have the contents of partition I after
the Jaz drive spun down and was restarted.

Turning off the Instruction cache (I usually forget which one and turn
data cache off too), and then running HDDRIVERs MEDIACHG.TOS fixes the

BUT - you must not enable the caches again before re-reading each
partition (e.g. by opening it from the desktop). Otherwise when you open a
partition it again will see the contents of I - as if MEDIACHG had not
been run.

(I presume there is a danger that something will overwrite the partition
info and directories with the info from I: if I am not careful about not
writing to the affected drives)

Is this something which needs to be reported to Uwe?

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