Re: RE: DEE on the Afterburner.

From: Oliver Skelton <>
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 97 12:13 GMT0

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>Do you mean that "everything compiled with Pure-C" fixer?
>I think I have got that to on my web page as well, or I could mail it
>as well.

No, I think he means XB3PATCH.TTP (94251 bytes).

Doug advised (edited):

His patch program is safer than just unpacking XBOOT with the 'naughty'
unpacker because he has removed the 68030 cache code but it will only work
with XBOOT v3.10.1

It's not a good idea to use the patched version on a 68030 because the
cache stuff has been ripped out of it and no longer does anything.

Normal Falcon users should stick with the unpatched version.

Incidentally, I think I managed to run the cubase/pure-c patch program no
xboot as well... but perhaps that was on the 'naughty' unpacked one...
anyway - no harm trying it.

I have these patch programs if anyone mails me direct to ask for them.

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