Interrupt problems

From: Magnus Kollberg <>
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 1997 13:34:43 +0100

Hi there,

This hasn't exactly got much to do with BM or AB040s, but I thought
I could give it a try. In these mailing lists I usually get a reply
atleast. Why can't the newsgroups be as helpfull as these? :-)

I'm trying to help a guy as good as I can with a program he is making.
It's a great little program for the Falcon to play midi files _with_
sound. There were a previous problem with MagiC but it has been fixed,
but now there seems to be a new one. I'm not sure if I have noticed
this on my AB040, so maybe it's just a problem on the 030? I have
to try when I get home.

Anyway, this is the problem. If anyone has got an idea what it's all
about I would be happy if you told me.

Sounds almost like the 040 problem with a crazy keyboard and Pure-C...
maybe the interrupts is going banans?

//Magnus Kollberg


Hello !

This is still me...Finally i have a problem under Magic. My mouse do
something really strange. After a certain time, when MIDPLAY is in
background and when you made something with Magic (like acces to a drive)
the keyboard become "crazy". In fact, he receive some information...It seems
that this come from my interrup (Timer A). Perhaps, Magic don't like interrupt ?

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JACCARD Emmanuel
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