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From: Petr Stehlik <stehlik_at_cas3.zlin.vutbr.cz>
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 1997 09:48:34 +0100


I've forgot to include a big warning to the RAMDISK file last night. I have
corrected that fault and uploaded a new AB_LINUX.LZH file. Those people who
have already downloaded that file should at least read the readme file I
included in this mail.

Sorry for inconvenience.


this package contains everything you need for trying out Linux on

 BOOT16.TOS - Linux booter patched for Afterburner040 with 1x16 MB of
 BOOTARGS - config file for BOOT16.TOS
 VMLINUX - Linux kernel itself
 System.map - needed for debugging the kernel (when it crashes :-)
 Config - you can see what's included in the kernel
 Root.bin - Debian Linux-m68k 1.2 boot ramdisk
 *.dif - patches applied to clean 2.0.31-pre3 kernel source


After successful booting of Linux kernel you should end up with Debian
menu - please do NOT try any of the menu items - it may destroy all data on
harddisk! Just press Alt-F2 for switching to another virtual console and
play with
'ls' and 'cd' commands.

I repeat: it's dangerous to try any of the menu items, do not try to
install Debian
Linux from this single RAMDISK file!! Whole Debian Linux m68k has several
megabytes of installation files and, which is most important, hasn't been
to the public yet (it's October 1997 now). So please do not destroy your

Neither I nor Debian people will be responsible for anything you'll do with
Linux trial package.

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