Re: update of Linux files on my WWW

From: Michael Schmitz <>
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 1997 16:42:54 -0800

> Root.bin - Debian Linux-m68k 1.2 boot ramdisk
>After successful booting of Linux kernel you should end up with Debian
>menu - please do NOT try any of the menu items - it may destroy all data on
>harddisk! Just press Alt-F2 for switching to another virtual console and
>play with
>'ls' and 'cd' commands.

Question: why not use the old 2.0 ramdisk (filesys-2.0-ELF-1400.gz)? Has
no nice misleading menu system.

BTW: you probably mean the 1.3 ramdisk; and the version on the Debian
servers has no fully functional Atari fdisk. The only thing people might do
is trash their partitions manually.
If there is no partition with ID LNX or SWP, the ramdisk won't offer any choice
to make a swap partition or install a partition.

>I repeat: it's dangerous to try any of the menu items, do not try to
>install Debian
>Linux from this single RAMDISK file!! Whole Debian Linux m68k has several
>megabytes of installation files and , which is most important, hasn't been
>to the public yet (it's October 1997 now). So please do not destroy your

Strongly seconded - don't trash your disk. But as I pointed out above, that's
pretty impossible unless you already have a Linux installation, in which case
you should have enough experience to avoid blaring errors.
If Petr can run a recent Debian installation it shouldn't be a problem though.

For people who want to live on the bleeding edge: a version of the ramdisk with
fully functional fdisk is available; ask me for details.

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