Re: update of Linux files on my WWW

From: Petr Stehlik <>
Date: Sun, 2 Nov 1997 11:11:08 +0100

On Fri, 31 Oct 1997, Michael Schmitz wrote:

> > Root.bin - Debian Linux-m68k 1.2 boot ramdisk
> Question: why not use the old 2.0 ramdisk (filesys-2.0-ELF-1400.gz)? Has

I have found just the Debian ramdisk on my disk, so I used that. I was in
a hurry when I was building that package, you know.

> BTW: you probably mean the 1.3 ramdisk; and the version on the Debian

No, I meant 1.2 (I could not find any newer Debian m68k files).

> servers has no fully functional Atari fdisk. The only thing people might do
> is trash their partitions manually.

I was unsure about functionality of that 1.2 ramdisk, so I better put there the
warning. Actually, there was no warning at all first time I put it out, but
since I got responses like "it does not want to partition my disk, what should
I do?" I scared a lot of playing with that menu by unexperienced users so
I added there the warning very quickly.

The reason for putting out my Linux kernel was simple - no official precompiled
kernel runs on Afterburner040. And since I didn't know any place people could get
a kernel for their Afterburners and because there are very negative informations
about Linux on AB040 around (like in DoItF030!) I decided to put a running
kernel out to let people know Linux-m68k actually does run on Afterburner040.

And because a single kernel file is unusable (for Linux beginners) I quickly
put together a ramdisk file, booter and the kernel. It was not intended as
an installation package of Linux for AB040 - it was rather a try-if-Linux-boots-
on-your-AB040 package (you probably don't know AB040 boards differs each from
other and on some boards Linux probably doesn't want to run at all).

> If Petr can run a recent Debian installation it shouldn't be a problem though.

As I said above, I couldn't find any recent Debian files - I use files created
in early spring of 1997!

> For people who want to live on the bleeding edge: a version of the ramdisk with
> fully functional fdisk is available; ask me for details.

Please let me know about anything Debian related (URLs etc), thanks.

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