Re: WINmulator 030

From: Oliver Skelton <>
Date: Fri, 07 Nov 1997 09:54:45 +0000

Magnus Kollberg wrote:
> Hi,
> I just found a webpage and an article about something called
> WINmulator 030. It's all in french so I can't realy understand
> what it's all about, but if I understod it correctly it's a
> PC Pentium emulator for the Falcon costing 1500 france? Ehh?
> Is it true, or am I totaly wrong? :-)
> Could someone help me, the url is.
> If someone could tell me what it's all about I would be happy. If it
> is what I think it is, does it work with the AB040? Does the old 286
> emulator for the Falcon work with the AB040?
> //Magnus Kollberg

I just got a colleague to read it to me.
It is vapourware from the sound of it - a Pentium emulator which can run
Win95, Win 3.1 and DOS.
Apparently someone in England had developed this and planned to release
it in June 1996 (or 97?) after completing testing and fixing a few
things. The writer is hoping that a distributor will bring it to France.

If I understood correctly - it contains 3 parts. A card which fits in
the expansion port and contains a Cyrix 100mHz processor. Another card
which somehow lets other parts of the Falcon be used. Lastly some
software to be installed.
64mB of memory can be added to the card - I think? it can also be seen
by the Falcon in TOS mode.
The Falcon probably has to be recased to fit it, though physical fitting
sounds easy.
The performance is equivalent to a 75mHz Pentium.
I think you need 256 colour mode for it to work - they are hoping it can
be got to work with Screenblaster or Blow-Up.
A fpu is essential to emulate a graphics card.
Midi doesn't work with the PC. CDROM may currently have problems.

Says nothing about 040 processors in the Falcon.

I'm sure Ive made some mistakes here - but I think that is the gist of

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