two SIMMs

From: Petr Stehlik <>
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 1997 11:31:51 +0100


Roman Hodek (The Atari developer) was so kind he updated ataboot (Atari
bootstrap for Linux) to recognize Afterburner's FastRAM properly (previous
versions of ataboot didn't know that there were two SIMM banks and so the
Linux often got wrong informations about memory configuration and failed to
boot). I've got just one 16MB SIMM, so I can't test the ataboot fully. If
you have both slots filled with SIMMs, or if you had problems starting
Linux, please download the ABBOOT31.ZIP from and test it with one of my recent
kernels. I am very interested in results, so please mail me ASAP if it
works ok.

The FastRAM banks should be printed like

  FastRAM bank 1: 4 MB at 0x01000000
  FastRAM bank 2: 4 MB at 0x03000000

additionally to ST-RAM. If you still get a message about "TT-RAM", the
AB40 isn't recognized...

This is the second step in real Linux Afterburner040 compatibility. The
first one was the reboot code, which has been patched properly yesterday.
That means the new kernels (>2.1.61) won't need any patching from me.

There are some patches for Nemesis compatibility which still have to be
cleaned up and applied to the main source tree, though. I will work on that

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