Re: Slow Disk access/No TC on Nemesis

From: Jo Even Skarstein <>
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 1997 12:07:38 +0100

On Wed, 12 Nov 1997, Michael A. White wrote:

> I still have a couple of problems with my AB 040 Falcon. First is hard
> disk access speed. Accessing the internal IDE drive is painfully slow.
> I don't have any benchmarks, but copying ~80 MBytes from an external
> SCSI to the internal IDE took over 30 minutes. In comparison, spooling
> In addition, the cluster size must be HUGE. The partition is about
> 260 MBytes, and, according to "Show Info..." I have 120 MBytes worth
> of files, and only 40 MBytes free. Where did my other 100 MBytes go

It sounds like you need to repartition your drive, or atleast defrag
it :-)

> Finally, using the HRTC patch for Nemesis, my MK-X makes it to TC mode,
> but it's really "noisy", e.g. double images, lots of "static", etc...
> Anyone else ever see this?

The HRTC-program will only work properly when the Nemesis is running
at 24/48MHz. Unfortunelately this doesn't work too well with
Afterburners, even if you half-clock the CPU/Afterburner
(nemhi_ab.prg). On my system the bus is still too slow for
640x480x64K, which results in a very unstable and noisy picture.

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