Re: Magic 5.x And AB040

From: Magnus Kollberg <>
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 1997 08:51:13 +0100

> On Wed, 12 Nov 1997, Laurent Favard wrote:
> > owner of Falcon+AB040, i would like to buy Magic 5 to replace my old
> > TOS 4.04 but i'm not sure that Magic work with an AB040.
> >
> > So, i would like to know what is the good release of magic running with
> > AB040 ?
> AFAIK all Falcon-compatible version (MagiC 4.00 ->) works on the AB.
> A older version of the TK-driver (4.09 is the latest that's garuanteed
> to work with MagiC) is recommended, althoug I use MagiC5 with TK 5.07
> occasionally without problems.

Well, I use version 4 of the TK and I have never had any problems. But as
Jo Even says version 5 should work as well.

BTW. Have anyone tried old ST Games on the AB040 and boot directly without
any drivers? I have got the feeling that some games actually works better than
they did without the AB040. With the AB040 the 040 boots in a 68000 compatible
mode (if I have understod it correctly) and I have also heard that the 040
is more compatible with the 68000 than the 030. This is ofcourse out of memory
as it was ages ago since I tried playing them on the old 030 falcon.

Has anyone tried this? I tried some old automation compilations.... with
various results. Isn't there a way to set STe compatibel "bus" or something
as well? Maybe a small program to set it could make it work even better.

Also if someone got the idea to try to make something like Backwards would it
ofcourse be even better and if you also could launch the games from the HD would
make it super best. :-)
> > does someone know Dolmen, and what the better choice between
> > Dolmen and Magic ?
> Dolmen doesn't exist, and will probably never see the light of day.
> Buy MagiC, or even better N.AES :-) MiNT+N.AES is *the* TOS-compatible
> OS on the Afterburner, it has everything MagiC has and much more.

Hohohohohhh.... so what does MiNT have that MagiC doesn't? Don't dig up the
old MiNT net argument as we have got STiNG for both which is esier and
almost as good.

//Magnus Kollberg
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