Re: Magic 5.x And AB040

From: Magnus Kollberg <>
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 1997 15:32:42 +0100


So Petr, have you got the opertunity to test any ET4000 cards with the Nova

> > Filesystem. You have got VFAT. ;-)
> I think Jo have been talking about a decent filesystem, not about a ms-dog
> shit ;-)

I know, but for most people it is enough.
> > Seriously, VFAT isn't that bad and what I don't undertand is why noone has
> I haven't noticed VFAT would support executable flags, user and group
> privileges and other stuff.

So, like it would be something the normal user would need? Ofcourse it's all
nice stuff, but in regular use it's not of much use. I guess you need to
set the privilege of your files to stop your sister of acsessing your
xxx pics? ;-)
> > ported Minix to MagiC as it should be realy easy. MagiC does support
> > external filesystems as well and SPIN is available for both MagiC and
> > MiNT, so it can be done without to much problems. There is also a nice
> Hehe, ask the author of SPIN how easy it was to port it from MiNT to MagiC!

I have no idea. So he got into problems? :-)

But he did make it! I still can't understand why noone has ported Minix. Maybe
it can't be done. Atleast the MagiC team would be interrested in just showing
that it can be done.
> > Regarding internet apps, I don't need any as I have no internet account
> > at home. ;-)
> sounds like an answer from Magnus ;-)

Hehehee... :-)
> Yes, there's aFTP (from ATACK). They were talking with me last weekend
> about TCP stacks under TOS, MiNT and MagiC. The result is that their next
> internet application (wonderful e-mail client) will NOT support STing! Yes,
> STing support causes them just headaches and hundreds of user questions why
> it doesn't work.

So it's better to to make a GREAT internet client that just a few people
can use insteed of a client that many can use? Anyway, as I said there
is another very promissing email client called MyMail on it's way for
> > Well there are a few annoying things about the AES in MagiC, but the only
> > one I can come up with now is the lack of toolbars in windows, but noone
> > uses them anyway. MagiC supports most stuff found in AES 4.1.
> Maybe that people use it, but you can't notice that since you run under
> MagiC ;-))

Could be. :-)

Seriously, it's a feature that noone one uses, unfortunatly as it's very nice.
I have told Andreas about it, like if he would care. :-\
> > Also, I have found MagiC to be as compatible as N.AES+MiNT, if not better
> > in some cases.
> >
> > The most annoying thing with N.AES is how it looks. It looks just awfull
> > and clumsy like an elephant when you have got used to MagiC. :-)
> Hopefully N.AES 1.2.0 will look better.

So, does anyone know anything about it? I have heard about it for some time now
but nothing has surfaced yet. And changing the look of it should be the
easy part.

//Magnus Kollberg
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