Re: Magic 5.x And AB040

From: Magnus Kollberg <>
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 1997 09:02:31 +0100


> > MiNT, so it can be done without to much problems. There is also a nice
> > RAMDISK for MagiC which installs as an external filesystem.
> MiNT has several RAMdisks (XFS), a tapedriver (BTW. I think there's a
> similar for MagiC), an interrupt-driven Centronics-driver (*very*
> nice! Just install it with a large buffer (I use 1Mb ST-RAM) and
> configure NVDI to print to /dev/lp. Instant background printing in all
> GDOS-applications!) and a NFS-XFS. The latter is extremely nice if you
> have several machines, e.g. a Wintel-box or some old workstation.

Bla bla bla. Okey, MiNT has got all that, or maybe I should say, someone
has written all that for MiNT. You could do the same for MagiC.
> > for years. There are also some nice internet clients for STiNG. Like MyMail
> > (a very promissing email client) and all the other clients for STiK. There must
> It's the STiK-clients I'm talking about! AntMail - useless. It doesn't
> even support mime, and destroys the mailbox at regular intervals.
> NEWSie is decent, but lacks several features even the most basic
> MiNT-newsreader has (like decent threading and expiring) and isn't
> very well integrated with the GEM environment. And what other clients
> are there?

MyMail. :-)
> The telnet-clients all suck big time (Peter's TelStar is by far the
> best, and the only useful. It only supports limited vt52 BTM so it
> can't be used as anything else than a dumb terminal though.), even the
> 20 year old bog-standard BSD-telnet is way better than this.
> IRC? Compare ircII with FracIrc or whatever and you'll see what I
> mean.

Still only internet apps you are talking about. I though we were going to talk
about MiNT and MagiC.
> > be some decent FTP clients for STiK as well, or?
> aFTP is rather good, although the MiNTnet-version is a lot faster than
> the STinG-version. Probably because it's written with MiNTnet (i.e.
> sockets) in mind with STiK/STinG-compatibility bolted on later. I
> prefer NcFTP or Midnight Commander though.

I guess I have to write my own ftp client and integrate it into my litte
desk then. That would make most people to shut up. :-)

//Magnus Kollberg
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